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Shawn Irving, Beaumont, Calif

Thank you, Thank you! This was just the kick in the pants I needed to get myself back on track for a big 2015. It's just so darn easy to get distracted and bogged down with information overload in online marketing these days...
Getting More Done is exactly what I needed to get back on track!

Would You Like A Look At A Plan Guaranteed To Give You Up To
40 Hours Of Extra Time Each Month
All While Your Business
Grows At A Pace You Never Thought Possible?

You're About To Be Supercharged With Productivity!

Would you like a way to save loads of your valuable time so you can do more of the things you want to do? Would you also like to make more money with less time invested in your business?

I'm sure these are both points of interest for you and I'm going to share how you can make both of these a reality in this letter. Please read on...

Dear Friend,

You need to realize that you're life is about to change more than you could ever imagine.

Right now, you're probably stressed out all of the time because you either don't have enough money or enough time OR you don't have enough of either.

That's all about to change.

You weren't invited to this web page by chance, you were invited because you have a unique quality that makes me believe you are ready for change.

If you're ready for change, it's yours, you just have to grab it. If you want to turn your whole life around, this is going to be the letter that helps you do that in an extremely easy and powerful way.

So what is this life changing thing I'm talking about?

The Old Lazy and Un-Focused You, And How We Can Change All Of That And Double Your Productivity Easily!

First I'm going to address what I'm NOT talking about...

Now, I'm sure that you've been exposed to time management programs, books or manuals in the past that just didn't deliver on what they promised.

Ineffective time management courses are what I like to call The Broken Time Management Car Wreck because they just don't deliver the results that they promise.

In fact, if you are given a bad system or bad information you may in fact lose more time!

I'm sure that you don't want that to happen to you.


What you need is something that's a real world, reality based system designed for people like you and I, Internet Marketers.

Up until now, there hasn't been a system that's designed just for us which I just couldn't understand because we are some of the busiest people in the world!

In fact, some of us work upwards 100 hours a week! Shouldn't there be some kind of system that makes it easy for you to organize your life and business that's been designed just for your working lifestyle?

I'll share some of the secrets of this system in this letter and they are...

The Easiest, Most Powerful Time Savers Ever Discovered!

We both know that if it isn't easy to put a time management tactic into use, there's really no point in even starting to use it because that just equals stress.

I've stumbled onto some truly amazing ways of saving not only time but also saving stress and making your business a true masterpiece.

This isn't just about saving time, while you can do that with this information, it's also about living the life you want and spending your time the way that you want.

You deserve the power to decide what you want to do, who you want to do it with and when you want to do it.

I am going to give you the power to have all of that for yourself and the great thing is, once you have the power to choose, no one can ever take it away from you!

You deserve to have a wildly successful business that doesn't control every ounce of your time. I want you to take a quick second and ask yourself...

What Would You Do With An Extra 40 Hours A Month In Your Business Starting As Soon As Next Week?


Would you go on a weekend vacation?

Would you work on business ideas that you've had on the back burner because you just didn't have the time to complete them?

Would you send more quality time with your family, friends and companions?

I'm sure that when you think of having a full 40 hours of extra time each and every month you can picture hundreds of things you would just love to do with that time.

Time Is One Thing That We Can't Get Back!

No matter how hard you try, once the day is over, that's it. There are only memories.

Don't you deserve to harness the time you do have and make the most successful Internet business and life that you possibly can? Of course you do!

What If Time Management Hasn't Worked For Me In The Past?

If you've tried other time management courses or books and you never attained the promised results, this is exactly what you need.

You see, most courses that try and teach you how to manage your time are just a bunch of ideas on saving time that MIGHT work. The truth is, most of them don't.

The authors and publishers figure that if they give you a bunch of stuff to try you'll find something you can use. Very few people are able to gain any benefit from a book or course designed like that and this is why other time management tools haven't worked for you in the past.

What does work is having a system designed by a person who is actually USING it and in the same business you are! This will ensure that you get strategies that are working now from a person in the same business as you. The good news is that I'm going to show you...

How Time Management Can Be Completely Effortless And Wildly Fun!

Getting More Done

Wouldn't it be great if you could wake up each day without having to worry about a complicated and tedious time management plan?

Wouldn't it be a God send if you could wake up with unstoppable confidence in your day knowing that everything you need to get done will be done effortlessly & quickly?

These are real feelings that you're going to feel every day starting today.

All you have to do is follow a simple plan of action that's going to guide you to super productivity and amazingly effective time management.

This plan will make you more successful while saving you hundreds of hours of work each and every year and the best part is, it's fun!

Our System Will Show You How To Get More Done, In Less Time
While Having A Blast Achieving Your Dreams!

My System Can Get More Done In Less Time To Allow You
To Create The Life You Always Dreamed Of But Did Not Know How To Obtain!


How To Shave 2 Hours Off Of Your Work Day Effortlessly!

The Easy Planning Method That Guarantees Quick Success!

Cut Your Stress In Half While Doubling Your Production!

How To Meet Time Based Goals To Increase Output And Income In Your Small Business

It's Extremely Easy To Convert Your Life And Business Into Super Productive Status!

Getting More Done is a brand new manual and video program that will show you the easy path for getting all of the results that you've been dreaming of from your life and business.

This system is fresh off the press and will super charge your efforts. But What's Inside? Okay, this stuff isn't like anything you've seen or heard of in the past.

It's meaty, real world information that will guide you to the achievement of your dreams. This is a system derived from a real business person and is the exact plan I use every day to run a hugely successful Internet empire.

Nothing that isn't working right now is included in this system.

Getting more done with your timw is the quickest way to see fast and long lasting change in your business growth and income.

When you can get the most output out of the time you spend working it leaves you more time do do the important things in life.

Important things like spending more time with family and friends. More time to take that long wished for vacation. More time to spend on your favorite hobbies or working with your favorite charity organizations making the world a better place.

Today is the day you can decide to make the change that makes noth your life and the world a better place.

What Can I Expect To Uncover In This Manual?


The Truth About To Do Lists That Will Shock You & Guarantee Results!

Tricks That Cut Your Internet Marketing Task Completion Time In Half Instantly!

Why You've Never Achieved What You're Capable Of & Why It's Not Your Fault!

How To Bring A Full 40 Hours Of Extra Time Into Your Life Every Month!

How To Double Your Income While Cutting Your Work Time Completely In Half!

How To Make Managing Your Time Effortless & Super Fun At The Same Time!

Are You Ready To Grab Loads Of Extra Time To Do With As You Please While Increasing Your Income Dramatically?

With This Secret Action Plan You'll Get The Following Easily...

A Much More Successful Business That You Can Be Proud Of!

A New Level Of Confidence In Yourself And Your Ability To Achieve Everything You Could Ever Want! Much More Time To Spend With Your Friends & Family!


The Power To Choose Your Destiny And Make It A Reality At Will!

You May Think That Getting More Done Has To Be Extremely Expensive! Well, there's a surprise in store for you.

Are You Ready To Turn Your Life Around Yet?! It's Honestly Never Been So Darn Easy!

To be frank with you, there are time management programs out there for business people and they do cost an arm and a leg.

This is because they offer them in the form of coaching programs so they can inflate the prices. All your "coach" is doing is reading from a manual but having a real person working with you gives them the ability to charge thousands of dollars for the service.

While that may seem high, it's actually a great value if you increase your income and save more of your time. But what I've done is created a manual that's JAM packed with more real world, useful information that you could ever get in a coaching program.

Since I'm not going to try and inflate the price by reading the manual to you over the phone, you're in for a steal of a deal. In fact, it's so low that I've been ridiculed by my colleges for offering it so low.

Okay, okay, what's the price already? Today, Time Management For Internet Marketers can be yours for an embarrassingly low $27! I'm sure you'll agree that is a down right bargain.

It's Going To Happen Fast!

The faster you start implementing the tactics in my system the faster you'll start seeing results.

Instantaneous? Not always, but sometimes. Even when you do fail you'll learn how to turn every failure into a powerful lesson that actually increases your chance for success later on!

Prepare For ACTUAL Results!

If the techniques in this system didn't work then I wouldn't be able to offer this program to you today! These are real, proven techniques that provide fast, real results. I'm not asking you to wait around for the universe to hand stuff to you and I'm not trying to give you a therapy session, these are powerful techniques you can use to change your life!

Here's Everything You Get When You Order Getting More Done Today!

  • You Get The Full 92 Page Plus Training Manual -
  • You Get  The Full Video Training With Instant Access Streaming
  • You Get Our Easy Recall Checklist To Keep You On Track
  • You Our 101 Time Management Quotes Checklist  Use These To Stay Motivated & Create The Life Changing Habits You Need To Start Getting More Done!


Aren't you ready to start thinking about your future seriously?

Tomorrow isn't guaranteed, there's no time like RIGHT NOW to get your life headed in the right direction!

The Getting More Done is your entry way onto the path of happiness, control and inner power! It's easy to read, easy to implement and it can change your life forever!

You could be making more money, meeting more friends and connecting with the people you love!


If the powerful techniques and methods of Getting More Done  don't help you succeed then I don't deserve your money, really!

Please try everything risk-free for 30 days, if you do not agree everything is all I say it is then ask for and receive a full refund. Have you ever seen a better guarantee than that?

How can I afford to make that guarantee? One word: Confidence. I can have such an iron clad guarantee because I know that, if you use the techniques in my system, you will not fail! Everything you need to succeed is in here! I don't expect a single refund request because I know this material will be 100% as powerful, proven and effective for you as it was for me !


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