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Today you have a limited time opportunity to own one of my personal websites that has earned $226,035.00 over 48 months! You heard correctly, I am selling one of my top earning membership websites for pennies compared to what it has earned since it's launch!

I have spent just over $144,000.00 creating all of the content in this website and earned over $226,035.00 with that same content, but don't take my word for that... (PROOF WILL BE SHOWN IN THE ORIGINAL $297 LAUNCH VIDEO BELOW)

As you will see in the original video below I will show you my entire members area, all the content, and you even get to peek inside my private shopping cart that shows you all the money I made with this content, PLUS I will take you inside my Freelancer and Elance accounts and show you all of the REAL CASH that I spent on creating 5,000,000 words of content that is included along with all the training manuals a full copy of my membership website and a few other little nuggets!

Owning a proven website like this can jump start you on the path to earning a fortune on the Internet just as I have in the past few short years. I know the 48 months worth of content I have created for this member site can make the right people a small fortune.

The most important part about this package are the 192 origional 10,000 word eBooks that you can turn into free lead generators to give away with FaceBook Ads, Twitter Posts, Squeeze Pages, and more to seriously grow your email list!

I Am Willing To Let This Turn-key Web Business And All Of The Evergreen Content Go Dirt Cheap! Watch the video above for all the details, and if you have any questions call me directly at the number at the bottom of this page, or hit me up with the Skype button at the bottom of this page. If I am available I will answer any questions you have immediately. If I am not in I will get back to you ASAP.

Please watch the video at the top of this page first to see exactly what kind of a CRAZY deal I am offering you today. Then if you still need more information you can watch the video below at the bottom of this page if you have any questions about the insane value of what I am offering you today so you understand exactly what an amazing opportunity this offer is. Then please click the order button and secure your license to all of this content today.

Your downloads and resale license will be available to you for instant download right after you place your order along with over 4 hours of training videos where I will explain exactly how you can make a boatload of cash with this much content, or any content for that matter!

The Amazing Resellers Membership Website (as seen in the video below)

You get a copy of the full 50 plus page members area, the sales page and so much more.

All 192 eBooks Written By My Outsourced Team

These eBooks average just over 10,000 words each and there are 192 of them! Use this content in any way you want. Create white papers to generate leads, add content to your existing products, and more! The Big Take Away Here Is The Lead Generation Potential in Giving Away These Reports!

25 Articles For Each Of The 192 eBooks -

That's 4800 Articles Use These On Your Blog Or In Your Autoresponder Follow-up emails. These are not junk 200 words articles they average between 500 and 700 words, so you get an insane amount of content to use as is or re-work it into new content!

20 High End Banner Ad Graphics -

These Graphics Are Bad-ass, These Alone Are Worth Well Over Double The Price of This PLR Rights License. I spent more having these banner ads created than we are selling this entire site and content license for, no kidding!

Full PSD Photoshop Files To The Website

Not only do you get all the banner ads with PDS files you also get tons of graphics that make up the resellers site and manuals including the PSD files. With all these PSD files so you can edit to your hearts content! Edit these in any way you wish to make your product your own unique membership site, you can even rebrand these graphics for use in another project or two!!

30 PLUS Bonus PLR Products

Our Members Area Was Loaded Down With Bonus Products. These Were Given Away As Free Bonuses In The Members Area! These Bonus Items Alone Are Worth 10X The Cost Of Admission!

My Sales Letter Creator Software

This is the same software we used to write the sales letter for our main membership website. This is a great little tool that will walk anyone step-by-step through writing your own killer sales letters. Even if you have never written a sales letter in your live, this software will wall you through how to write a great sales letter for all of your products! You could even sell this as a stand alone product separate from this package, it's that good!

192 Sales Letter Starter Packages

Every one of the 192 products in this package come with sales letter started packages. We did not include full sales letters because we wanted to be sure all of our clients had their own unique sales letters. To accomplish this we included started packages which include loads of sample Headlines, Sub-Headlines, Bullet Points, Sub Bullet Points, A Few Starter Paragraphs of sales copy and more to make creating each products sales letter a breeze since we have you half way there already to get your creative juices flowing! Sure, not as easy as done for you sales letters but this way you are forced into success with your own unique sales letter no one else will have!

Google Adwords Ads

All 192 products come with pre-written Google Adwords Ads. Use them as-is in Google, Facebook, Twitter and more. Or re-write them with the ideas you get when you read our pre-written ads.

192 Full Product Analysis Documents

These six page product analysis documents come with all 192 products. They cover things like Google Adwords research and bid pricing for the products relevant keywords. Expected click ratios, keywords lists, multiple potential new titles for each book so your book does not have the same name as anyone else. These documents also include a breif summary of the market and competition research for each of the 192 products.

Autoresponder Follow-up Emails

You Get All The Follow Up Emails We Sent Out To New Members As They Joined, and all of our opt in lead emails too!

Autoresponder Follow-up Emails

You Get All The Follow Up Emails We Sent Out To New Members As They Joined, and all of our opt in lead emails too!

Sales Letter Video Script

Want to shoot your own sales letter video to promote your new site?  We've got you covered, we already written the script. Just load this baby into your teleprompter and start reading, or open it as an MS Word Doc on your computer and read it into your webcam and Viola, you have your own new sales video!

Multiple Members Area Training Manuals

You get Editable Microsoft Word Documents of all of our members area getting started and training manuals!
Use them when reselling this product or edit them to work with your other products. These were never for our members to resell, these are the internal manuals we created to help our members have the most success with our content. You can edit them and add them to your members area or even use them in some of your other products with a little editing as great guides to lead your customers to success!

These are not some outsourced fluff filled training manuals. My personal in house staff and I wrote these manuals ourselves. They are worth many times the cost of this entire package all on their own. Use them when reselling these products or adapt them to work with your own personal products to look like a real expert to your clients.

These Expertly Written Manuals Include...

Affiliate Program Product Analysis - (6 pages) This sweet little manual will help your affiliates analyze the best markets to promote for you in. You Get The Main Manual And 192 More for with each of the included products.

Affiliate Program Fast Action Ideas - (9 pages) Great ideas on how to promote your affiliate program for the most success!

The “Be Unique” Quick Start Guide (8 pages) This manual covers some great ideas on how to re-brand and re-niche your PLR content. You will learn how to quickly take any one of the 192 eBooks in this package and quickly change them up to make them your own unique product.

My Fill In The Blanks Sales Letters Manual - This guide shows you and your customers how to use the sales letter starter packages that come with each of the 192 products to create their own unique sales letters. Each packages comes with multiple headlines, sub-headlines, and starter sales copy paragraphs to make it easy to create your own great sales letters for all 192 products!

The Market Multiplier Guide - This quick start guide covers a technique that I've been using in Internet Marketing for several years to make more money from PLR and lower my competition levels. This is something that you probably haven't heard anyone else talk about but is incredibly powerful, and more importantly, more profitable.

Physical Product Profits - This manual is going to give you an edge on other people selling PLR and all other types of rights products from this day forward. In this manual we teach you how to up the ante by turning PLR content into "Physical Products" that sell for big bucks!PLR 4 Step Action Plan - This manual will jump start you with four amazing ideas to monetizing PLR content fast right when you start working with it.

Thank You Page Quick Setup Guide - This guide is meant to quickly guide you to creating your first thank you page using the included template that we’ve given you along with your sales letter templates. This guide walks you through Thank You Page setup A to Z.

The Why Re-Brand Manual - (39 pages) Changing Title And Author Doesn’t Make The Kind Of Sales You Need. Does “Re-Branding” a Private Label product mean just putting your name on the sales page and product as the author/developer? Re- branding can indeed mean just that. However if that is all you do when reselling your Private Label Products, you will be missing out on some pretty serious money. This manual will teach you how to "Completely Re-Brand For A Niche" which will lead to much larger profits for your efforts...

Get 4 Hours Of Video Training Included!

Included Video Courses that will help you monetize this content fast!
Training Video Number 1

Duration: 1h 11m

In this video I will teach you loads of ways to make money with not only this content, but any other content you may already own rights to as well. This video is a serious brain dump!

Training Video Number 3

Duration: 1h 5m

In this training video I will walk you through how to rebrand your members area and all of the extra training manuals included with your rights license.

Training Video Number 2

Duration: 1h 42m

In this video I will walk you through step-by-step how to setup and edit the entire membership website that includes 48 months of Ever Green content, you can sell as your own.

Training Video Number 4

Duration: 1h 14m

In this video we will cover even more ways that you can make money with close to 5 million words of content. There are dozens! Lets brainstorm a few together!

About the Content Creator

Hi in case you don't know me, I'm Jeremy Burns. I started marketing digital products on the Internet way back in 1999 after a Photocopier company I worked for went out of business. It was a great company while it lasted.

The 28 year old owner had an amazing operation going when he found me at a car lot working in the F & I department (I was the guy that got your car loans approved). He came into the lot one day and I was curious how this 28 year old came rolling in driving a $120k Porsche so I chatted him up.

A week later I was working for him. Because of his expensive taste in cars and living the high life he knew he had to figure out a way to really make a lot of money, and boy did he! I made a killing working for this guy who I considered a good friend and mentor. Were still friends to this day.

When the copier industry changed they went out of business and I had to quickly figure out how to replace the $30k a month in commissions I had gotten so used to. No way did I want to go back to earning $5k a month in the car business. That's when I decided to learn everything I could about Internet Marketing.

Anything I do I work hard to learn everything I can as fast as I can. When you can become an expert in any industry you can make a fortune.

This is even more true when you work for yourself versus making a company rich working for them. I have made that fortune on the Internet and now I hope you can use some of the content I've done it with to do the same. Carp Diem!

“You Can Make Money or You Can Make Excuses,
But You Can't Make Both”

What People are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Jeremy Are You Kidding Me?...

“I have no idea how you afford to deliver so much content for so little money time and time again. I just got everything unzipped and all I can say is wow - totally incredible”

Mike Ellis (Web Sales Today)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )
Andrew Wilson - KnowHow-Now.com

Your PLR Content Is A Mainstay For My Work...

I don't often do this, but I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for this offer. I was probably one of the very first to jump on it yesterday.

Your article PLR content is a mainstay for my work and has been for many years in the form of rewrites and content ideas - I purchased your similar offer for the article membership site years ago. ;)

This content fits right into my current plans to create a host of sales funnels based around one of my main sites. I can prepare the ebooks and drop the whole thing into a load of niched autoresponders, you've even saved me the effort of going through my article library to dredge up relevant content for each series.

By the way, years ago I purchased from you your Camtasia training package . the physical product. It was a great help to me in mastering Camtasia and the binder is still on a bookshelf..

Andrew Wilson - www.KnowHow-Now.com

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )
Kate Rieger - PLRUnzipped.com

Jeremy, My List Loves This Training...

One of the biggest challenges I have getting marketing or technical training in front of my customers is producing it.

I may know the concepts of SEO, Adsense or Google Analytics, but pulling it all together is just too overwhelming.

With your Business Growth Content I now have a product that provides quality in a consistent delivery. Plus, once I got past the learning curve of implementing, it now takes me about 30 minutes to set up a package.

My first goal was to provide it as free training for my Content Club members and as a paid training for my general list. Now I'm branching out into list-building for the various niches.

Thanks for having a great vision and product...

Kate Rieger - www.PLRUnzipped.com

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Jeremy ALWAYS way over-delivers!

“I have been buying your PLR since way back in the early days of Source Code Blow Out. I can't even begin to guess how much money I have made selling all of your great PLR products all these years, but it's easily in the tens of thousands. Thanks for another great package!

Chris Hawkins

Is this Content Right for You?

This Much PLR Content is NOT for Everybody, I Am Only Interested in Working With Clients That Take Action!


  • People Willing To Take Action To Succeed!
  • Anyone That Knows That Understands This is a Steal Even If They Can Only Use Some of the 4.5 Millions PLUS Words of Content Included In This Amazing Offer.
  • People That See The Value In Spending Less Than The Cost of Two Premium Drinks in an Airport Bar For "Evergreen Content" I Spent Years and Over $144,000.00 Creating.
  • Anyone that wants direct access to me through the included private Facebook and open call in days I am including with this offer!
  • Online marketers that do any sort of lead generation. There is a TON of content here that you can use to generate a TON OF LEADS in any niche market you want!
  • Anyone that wants to finally stop buying products with empty promises attached and get a S*hit Ton of content that you can USE, Re-Brand, Resell, Blog, or anything else you decide to do with it to help grow your online marketing footprint


  • Anyone Looking For A Push Button Way To Riches
  • People That Buy Tons Of Content And Do Nothing With It
  • People That Are Not Willing To Do A Little Bit Of Work To Change The Content To Make It Unique
  • Anyone that can't see this is a great deal even if they decide only 10% of the included content will work well in their niche.
  • Whiners and Complainers.

    Look, I Know There Is 100X The Cost In Value Here. I Spent Over $144k Creating This Content!

    If You Are Not 1000% Sure Your Tiny Investment Will Give You An Amazing ROI, Then Please Just Pass On This Offer.

    Don't Waste My Time and I Won't Waste Yours.
  • Anyone that doesn't understand what the term ROI, used in the statement above means then this is DEFINITELY NOT FOR YOU!
Get Insane Value, or your money back!

Look, I know this package is worth insanely more than what I am asking for it. I honestly think anyone that decides they want a refund is either lazy or just buying it with the intent to ask for a refund before they even order. But because I trust that most people are honest and will see the crazy value being offered here I am giving you a 30 day money back guarantee. If you think this package does not deliver the value I say it does just call me and let me know and I'll refund your money, no questions asked.

Jeremy Burns

Bonus Section, Time to Over Deliver!

Order Now For Access To These Limited Bonus Items. These bonuses will be available for a limited time only.

Access to a Private Facebook Group

With your order of this massive rights license, you will also get access to my private FaceBook Group setup specifically for this license. I will be there to answer questions and you will also be able to gain new insights and ideas from all of the other smart people that see the insane value in this rights license.


Office Hours = bi-weekly open call time

I'm super busy so I never offer this, especially at this low of an entry fee, this alone is worth the small cost of this license, even if you have no use for any of this content!

When you order today, you will get access to me personally on my open call in days. In the members area will give post two days a month where I will do 3 hours of open call in times.

How this works is you call during those hours and you will get 15 minutes to ask me anything you want. If I'm on another call you can call back until you catch me for our one-on-one time to turn you into an Online Marketing Rockstar!


Free Bonus Training Manual $197 Value

Your Sales Letter Customization Crash Course - (67 pages)

Click The White Drop Down Box For All The Details!

This bonus manual is easily worth 5 times the cost of this 192 product license. The First 100 Orders Get This Manual With Rights As My Free Gift, So Order Now!

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More importantly you get 192 eBooks that average 10,000 words each. We created these, this is not a bunch of junk we bought rights to. Use these to create white papers to give away in your lead generation, or sell them. It's totally up to you!

Sell Everything In The Included Membership Site or Use The Content To Create New Products of Your Own!

I Spent over $144,000.00 Creating All Of This Content, Today You Can Steal It All With Rights For A Fraction of That!

This Is The Original Sales Video When This Package Sold For $297, It's Long But It Goes Into Everything In Great Detail So Watching This Is Totally Optional!

This package is worth well more than the original $297 sale price. Steal it today when you order your license right now!

PLR.cash - $144,000.00 PLR Firesale