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I sincerely thank you for your order of a copy of my 10X 144K PLR Firesale Package, including the 5 Million words of content, the 48 month re-sellers website, all the training manuals!

Please download your rights package below.

Thank you again,
Jeremy Burns -

I can't wait to hear your feedback once you have had a chance to look everything over.

Welcome to the PLR.cash family - congratulations on your decision to join us!

Jeremy Burns and the Seven Fourteen Inc. team

Download Your 10X $144K Rights License Below

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PRE-LAUNCH DOWNLOAD NOTICE - all products are ready for download now. If by any chance you do not receive your automated account login details it likely means your ISP is blocking out direct server email. That means you will not receive your lost password request from the server either.

Please contact me at jeremy@jeremyburns.com if you do not receive your login details with-in 10 minutes of your order and I will get them right over to you.

This First zip file contains your full re-sellers website and members area to run a clone of the same membership site I ran for 48 months.

It also contains the 48 months of PLR content including all 192 eBooks (4 per month), 4800 articles (100 per month), the main members area training manuals, and everything else that makes up the full membership website and it's 48 months worth of content.

Be sure you watch all of the videos below on this page and well as reading the members area training manuals included in this zip file so you understand the concept of what made this site work so well. You are welcome to re-purpose all of the content in anyway that you wish incorporating it into other projects, or just re-brand and setup your version of this site as we ran it.

I would recommend you take our main members page which currently has all 48 months of content loaded onto it and add it to your site one month at a time in a drip feed fashion. I will go over some of this in the videos below.

Sorry Guest You Do Not Have Access To This Content. Please Purchase A License To Download.


This Second zip file contains the sales letter software that goes in your main members area of the 48 month membership website.

You will want to unzip this file and upload a copy of the "NakedPLRSalesLetterCreator.exe" file into your members-area folder leaving it named as it is so your links work properly.

Do not upload the full zip file as it includes the source code for the software. This is for your use only in-case you wish to hire a programmer on a site like Freelancer.com to make changes or updates to the software for you in the future.

The reason I added this as a separate zip file is for a very specific reason, so I wanted to separate it from the main package.

About 5% of our clients use an Anti-Virus software that will give a "false positive" for a trojan on this file. I assure you that the file is clean, but the software used an iframe in the site design and in the logo on the top of the software. The reason we added this iframe in the header of the software was so in the past we could remotely change the software's name by simply changing the header graphic on our server where that graphic is hosted.

Unfortunately because an iframe has the potential to be used for bad things a few Anti-Viris software programs classify ALL iframes as a Trojan due to their potential to be use badly, not because any specific iframe is being used badly. Its kind of like calling all tires from all companies bad because one off brand generic cheap tire blows out once in a while.

Being a small company these specific Anti-Virus companies have no interest in white listing our software so I am adding it as a separate zip in-case you are one of the few using one of these software's that flags this iframe as bad.

This is known to happen with Bitdefender ,COMODO Scan, Kaspersky, and a few versions of Norton, but I assure you these are "false positives" these files are absolutley clean of any viruses or trojans, the iframe we used in teh design is causing the problem a few people will run into.

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Sorry Guest You Do Not Have Access To This Content. Please Purchase A License To Download.

Your Master Re-seller Sale Page and Download Pages For WordPress w/Thrive

Master Resellers Website Download Pages We Added As A Last Minute Bonus Are Now Completed and can be downloaded below. If you do not own Thrive Content Builder we will need to install it for your through our Agency License for your pages to work.

  • Master Rights
  • Download
  • Install Service

If you do not already own a copy of Thrive Content Builder then we will need to install your resellers pages for you. There is no charge for this install service.

Just send an install request email to jeremy@jeremyburns.com with the subject line "$144K INSTALL REQUEST"

Please include ALL of the following information with your install request...

#1 Your FTP Login so we can upload the large zip file downloads.

#2 A login to WordPress

#3 Your Paypal email to receive payments at (DO NOT include any password here just the email addy.

#4 Contact info for the bottom of your site: Address, Phone, support email (leave anything out that you don't want on your site)

#5 Attach a photo to to your email, there is a spot for your image twice in the site. OR if you prefer I can add a stock photo.

THEN eMail it all to me with the subject line "$144K INSTALL REQUEST" and I will get you set right up. 72 hours max but likely way faster.

Since I built the Master rights OTO pages on Thrive Themes content builder we will also be installing Thrive Content Builder through my Agency License along with a few other Thrive goodies!

It's very cool to say the least, and gives you 149 more landing pages you can use to create other offers so make sure you pick a domain you want to run other offers and lead gen from.

DFY SERVICE - We will be starting installs right away so please allow 48 to 72 hours after you submit your install request for your site to be fully installed for you. Using the above subject line is your email will get your install request filtered into our install request folder in gmail so please use it for the fastest service. 

Learning Anything New Takes Time And Hard Work!

Do not allow yourself get frustrated and give up. Keep at it, watch the videos above a few times through, there is so much to learn. Be sure to also watch the additional videos I link to just under video #1 above over on my main blog and you can totally do this.

I am also available to help you if you ever get stuck on anything. All you have to do is ask if you need help. While I can not set your sites up for you I can help after you watch the videos if you are stuck on something, just contact me using the skype button at the bottom of this page and I will do everything I can to help you succeed.

Jeremy Burns-

Bonus Section

You have qualified for the following bonus items with your order.

Access to our private Facebook Group

Access The PLR.cash Private Facebook Group Where We As A Group We Will Be Discussing The Best Ways To Monetize PLR content.

Sorry Guest You Do Not Have Access To This Content. Please Purchase A License To Download.

You must be logged in to access the private FaceBook group link. If your access link below is not active please login.

This FaceBook group is just getting started so there is not a lot of content here yet but I will be adding training videos here very soon to show you many more ways to use this content than are obvious so make sure you join us!


Office Hours
= bi-weekly call time

Need personal one on one help? I will be doing bi-weekly open office call in hours starting in the next 2 weeks. Call in times will be posted here.

These call in times will not start until after the support rush for this products launch is caught up. If you have ever done a launch you likely know that the extra support requests during those times can keep you busy. Please check back soon for open call in times to be posted.


Free Bonus Training Manual
$197 Value

Your Sales Letter Customization Crash Course - (67 pages)

Click The White Drop Down Box For All The Details!

This bonus manual is easily worth 5 times the cost of this 192 product license. The First 100 Orders Get This Manual With Rights As My Free Gift, It Has Been Included In The Source Files Of The Main Download Package above. Edit it and use it in any way you wish.

Access Our Training Videos Below...

, your success is my number one goal. Because of that we have created a ton of video training to help you have the most success possible with this massive PLR resell rights license.

Rome wasn't built in a day so keep in mind unless you are already extremely experienced in online marketing you may need to watch some of these videos a few times or more while taking notes for it to all really sink in.

You have lifetime access to this training page, so do not overwhelm yourself trying to get everything setup in one weekend!

Take your time and go for quality over speed! Keep in mind also that there are hundreds of ways to make serious money with close to 5 millions words of content.

Of course you have the included members area and content you may decide to rebuild into a WordPress site, or even individual products to launch as you will see me do in one of the videos below.

You can also use this content with a system like LeadPages or ClickFunnels to generate massive numbers of leads that you can market your other products to. The possibilities are truly endless when you are willing to use a little imagination, and if you are willing to put in the work.

Keep in mind that this site ran for 48 months so the main members area page already has all 48 months worth of content linked up on it. You will want to make a copy of that index page from the members-area folder and remove all months except the 1st months content. Password protect that page and then every month add the link to the next months content to that page to manually drip feed the content to your members.

Alternately you may choose to use that completed page to use as a template to create your own monthly drip feed pages in your favorite WordPress template and use a WordPress membership script to automatically drip feed the content to your members.

When we originally ran the site we were not using WordPress yet so we manually added a link to each months content as we created each months new content. Since you are not having to create the content from scratch like we did you can spend a a little extra time upfront and add all 48 months content into an automated WordPress member delivery setup.

Here are a few good WordPress membership access products we recommend. I have personally used the following membership scripts and found all to work well.

S2 member (this one offers a free starter version with less features & then paid upgrades but is a good place to start if you are on a budget). A few better options are, MemberPress, Amember, Paid Memberships Pro, and Easy Digital Downloads.

Success comes through hard work and persistence, trust me I know! I hope I can help you achieve the level of success that I have enjoyed on the Internet since I got started back in 1999.

With that said, lets get started!

Training Videos To Get You Started Fast...

Video #1 A Few Ideas On How To Monetize All This Content.

VIDEO NOT PLAYING? The video above is a large file so it may start off playing slow depending on your Internet connection speed. If it is playing slow, or cutting out press the pause button and allow the video to pre-load a little (watch the grey bar) once it loads 20% or so then press play again.

In the video above I mention a few additional videos on my blog, some outside services I use, as well as a bonus download to a full blown product with mini-site that I created with just one of the NakedPLR products.

I am posting links to all of these resources mentioned in the video below. Enjoy-

How To Setup A PLR Website - Video Training From My Blog. This video will show you how to setup a PLR website. It includes everything from editing the site, to managing an FTP upload of the site when you are done. I am planning a website setup video specific to the NakedPLR website as an added bonus, but it will take me at least a week to complete it. When it is ready I will post it on this page, but until then this video will help get you started. It is on setting up a different website, and it is not a member site, but most of the steps are the same to setting up any PLR website so it should help you a lot.

How To Rebrand A PLR Product - Video Training On My Blog. This is a video blog post I did showing how to totally rebrand a PLR product. I show a little bit of this in the video above. For a more extensive and step by step tutorial on how to rebrand a product with new graphics watch the full video on my blog.

iStock Photo for creating your own custom website graphics. iStock is where I bought the photo for $1.59 that you saw in the video when I showed you how I created the Storage Auction Cash product out of a website template from another product, and one of the NakedPLR books. You can do the same thing if you watch the videos and spend a little time on it. I did not start off knowing how to do this either! It took a lot of time and a some real work, but you can do this to if you are ready to roll up your sleves and so a little bit of work!

Download A Comp Copy Of Mini-Storage Auction Cash. This is is the Naked PLR product I turned into a full mini-site. I talked about this in the video above. You can do this also and then sell your products, or sell your full websites at places like Flippa.Take Action on what you learn here, and stay tuned for the additional video I am working on that will show one of the many ways to setup the website that comes with the NakedPLR full site license.

Video #2 Editing Your New Members Area Front End.

VIDEO NOT PLAYING? The video above is a large file so it may start off playing slow depending on your Internet connection speed. If it is playing slow, or cutting out press the pause button and allow the video to pre-load a little (watch the grey bar) once it loads 20% or so then press play again.

In the video above I will show you how to edit the front end of your website including a paypal subscribe button. This is a long video at about 102 minutes, so take notes, and know that you will be able to come back and re-watch the video anytime you need to.

*** In another video to follow in the next few days I will work on setting up the members area of the website.

I am posting links to all of these resources mentioned in the video below. Enjoy-

Here are the files I edited in the video. This video shows how to edit your sales page, a copy of the page I edit on video is included in the file linked above. I also setup autoresponders at Aweber and setup autoresponder thank you pages. I have included the thank you pages and the autoresponder messages in this folder as well..

Video #3 Editing Your New Member Site Back End Members Area.

VIDEO NOT PLAYING? The video above is a large file so it may start off playing slow depending on your Internet connection speed. If it is playing slow, or cutting out press the pause button and allow the video to pre-load a little (watch the gray bar) once it loads 20% or so then press play again.

In this video I show you how to edit the members area web pages as well as the training manuals that will be in your members area. There will be an additional video #4 coming where we will setup your content delivery and upload everything to a web hosting account.

In this video I mention and use a software called SnagIt you can get a 30 day free trial here. Alternatively you can also get the same results by doing a screen capture with paint shop here are tutorials on how to to it.

IMPORTANT: In the video above I am working with a few folders that were NOT in your original download. one folder is named "! X" and another is named "content" these are folders that we created in the previous video. If you did watch the full previous video you will think you are missing folders out of your download. This is not the case, we just re-named a few & created new folders in the previous video so if you did not watch that video, you may need to in order to understand what we are doing in this video.

Another thing.... watching these video is not necessary for making use of this content. Some of you may already have ideas on what you want to do with this content and will not need to spend the time watching these videos. ( I know they are kind of long ) I am doing these videos as an extra bonus for anyone that is un-sure about how to setup their site.

Keep in mind that there is some work involved in setting up your site, but these videos will walk you through everything. Also if you are new to online marketing you may need to watch some of these videos two or three times for it all to start to make sense. Look at online marketing as a new work from home job and you can enjoy success if you are willing to put in the time necessary to learn something new. You have to be willing to put in the time to watch the videos, learn, and practice what you learn in order to get good at this.

10X 144K Premium License Download Page


I have been a full time Online marketer since 1998. I work from home with a small staff of employees and outsourced workers. My main area of focus is Content marketing, which is why I create so much PLR content for others to re-brand and use as their own.

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