Yes! I Want One Of The 125 4 Licenses Remaining Now...

Is This The Best Resale License I Have Created In My 14 Years Online? Yes, This Is It!

With Over 5 Hours of Video And A 50+ Page Members Area, WordPress Websites Is My Best License Ever!

Yes! I Want One Of The 125 4 Licenses Remaining Now...

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What You Get When You License "WordPress Websites"

Look, I could go on all day about how much work I put into my WordPress Websites System but I think you have the idea from the video above.

I just wanted to remind you that this is an Ultra Premium Resale License and only 125 Rights Licenses will ever be sold.

These 125 licenses may take me two days, or two weeks to sell out but the minute all 125 licenses have been sold there will be nothing you can do to get a copy of this premium license ever again at any price.

Here is a quick re-cap of what you will get.

  • Over 5 Hours of Step-By-Step WordPress Websites Videos in 45 Lessons
  • The Full 50+ Page Members Area with The Built In FaceBook Community
  • 45 Lesson Transcripts
  • 45 Lesson Audio MP3 Files
  • 1 Re-sellers Sale Page Where I Am Personally In The Sales Video Doing The Selling For You
  • 1 Re-sellers Sale Page With A Hand Drwaing Style Sales Video Selling For You
  • Over 20 High Quality Banner Ad's You Can Use To Sell The Course All Over The Internet
  • Done For You Instagram Ads- You Can Use These on Pinterest & Twitter Too!
  • Done For You eMail Solo Ads. Mail These Out Yourself Or Have Affiliates Mail For You
  • One Seriously Premium Resale License With Only 125 Copies Sold Ever -

I Mentioned My Plan To Keep All Of My PLR Cash Rights License Products "Ultra Exclusive"

-If You Are One Of The 125 Licenses To WordPress Websites There Is One More Thing That You Get!

When you become an "Inaugural Licensee" to PLR.Cash you will have 1st right of refusal to all future premium products I create here.

That means that since I really plan to "raise the bar" with PLR Cash, future products may totally sell out before ever being publicly launched.

This will never be an issue for you because you will be guaranteed a spot with early access should you want one before each public launch!

"Inaugural Licensees" will also have access to cash discounts and other special "Extras" that no one else will even know about! (I won't go into details here but it will be special, I promise you!)

That means not only can you never be shut out because one of the products sells out before you know about it, but you may even "pay less to get more" than anyone else.

Please Click The Order Button Below Now, "This May Be Gone Any Time"

Yes! I Want One Of The 125 4 Licenses Remaining Now...

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Any Guarantees?  Of course, if you know me then that goes without saying. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not happy or you feel I let you down in any way ask for and get a full refund any time in the next 60 days. All I ask is that you please call me at 1-800-714-0297 and at least give me a chance to resolve any issues you may have first. Thank you in advance for your order, and Welcome To The Club.

Jeremy Burns -  WordPress Websites - Premium License-